Hatred Burns Hope

Hatred Burns Hope

Client: Recording Artist: Hatred Burns Hope

Project: Photography | CD Design | MySpace Customization | Branding | T-Shirt Design

Description: For the past 2 years AERA Creative has sponsored the City Of Calgary’s annual Toast N’ Jam event showcasing young musical talent. This years winner, Hatred Burns Hope rocked the stage with their gritty sound, intelligent lyrics and polished performance. AERA worked with the group after the event to develop a multitude of promotional materials that fit the bands unique style and outlook. We were thrilled by their enthusiasm and aptitude towards pushing the envelope. Fun creative work that allowed us to do something a bit different that the usual corporate material. Keep rockin’ guys!

Myspace Website: http://www.myspace.com/hatredburnshope

Hatred Burns Hope - Custom Photography

“The CD’s brought wonderful response and the T-Shirts looked great. We sold out of shirts and onle have 45 CD’s left. Wow! Jon’s photos were spectacular! We all were so pleased (as usual). VERY NICE WORK! (As usual) He looks GQ

Lisa Rae — Band Manager

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